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By Dr Jerricah Holder

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The School Wellbeing Card Series was developed by Dr Jerricah Holder, an experienced Educational Psychologist.

The School Wellbeing Cards are a set of child-centred tools, which are grounded in resilience research, and reflect common risk and protective factors that underpin school connectedness, belonging and wellbeing.

Through a card sorting activity children and young people are empowered to share their experiences of school/college and thus provide invaluable insight into the strengths and barriers that children encounter in their educational attendance and wellbeing.

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EBSA Horizons Course for Educational Psychologists


The EBSA Horizons course for Educational Psychologists, presents an alternative model of Emotionally Based School Avoidance, in which the child's voice is at the heart of assessment and intervention, and emphasis is placed on understanding EBSA in the context of interacting, child, home and school-based factors.

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Dr Jerricah Holder

Educational Psychologist

Dr Jerricah Holder is an experienced Educational Psychologist who is passionate about the development of creative resources to empower children to have their voice heard. She has a specialism in supporting children who experience barriers in their educational attendance, and frequently presents at national conferences and trains other psychology services on Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA).  Jerricah promotes a more compassionate and child-centred approach to understanding and addressing barriers to attendance and school wellbeing. Moving away from the term school refuser, EBSA recognises the emotional complexity of school avoidance behaviours and the inextricable link to the wider environmental context, with multi-layered barriers existing across the child, the home, and the school context.

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Training Enquiries

Dr Jerricah Holder is able to offer a range of bespoke training packages on Emotionally Based School Avoidance. These trainings can be offered face-to-face in the SouthEast or virtually if further afield. Please contact Dr. Jerricah Holder for more information about training