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The College Wellbeing Cards



40 picture cards and instruction leaflet
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The College Wellbeing Cards are intended to be used directly with young people age 14+ who are feeling uncertain or anxious about transitioning to college, as well as those who are of college age but finding it difficult to settle into college and/or attend.

The deck of 40 picture cards has been designed with reference to resilience research of college-age students and common worries that children hold around transitioning to a post-16 environment, as well as the preparation for adulthood framework. The illustrated characters have also been adapted to resemble upper secondary and college age students, with additional themes relating to this stage of adolescent development.

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For children of college-age, the College Wellbeing Cards provide a platform to explore barriers to accessing college and opportunity to collaboratively problem-solve with the young person the strategies, interventions and environmental adaptations that would be most helpful in stabilising the college placement and increasing wellbeing and resilience.

The College Wellbeing Card assessment could also be completed by the current secondary school, with the ‘College Transition Action Plan’ utilised to share this information and agree strategies ahead of the transition, in order to proactively plan for and increase resilience during this transition.

College Wellbeing Action Plan PDF


College Wellbeing Transition Plan PDF


Training videos are available to support practioners to complete a School Wellbeing Card assessment and the cards are designed to be used by psychologists, school staff, education, health and social care colleagues who would like to better understand a child’s experience of school/college.