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The School Wellbeing Cards - Special School Edition



40 picture cards and instruction leaflet
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The School Wellbeing Cards, Special School Edition, are an adapted deck which incorporate greater disability diversity in the illustrations, simplified wording and the use of Widgit © symbol to print software for children with more significant communication and leaning differences.

Grounded in resilience research, the deck of 40 picture cards have been designed to reflect common risk and resilience factors that underpin school connectedness and belonging, as well as the wider literature around children’s wellbeing and experiences of education within a Special School setting.

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Through the card sorting activity, practioners will be able to identify key barriers to school attendance and wellbeing from the perspective of the child that need to be targeted and reduced, whilst simultaneously identifying the corresponding resilience factors that need to be increased.

A collaborative problem-solving approach is encouraged, in which the child’s views are sought on the types of strategies, interventions and environmental adaptations that would be most helpful moving forward, and thus the child’s voice remains at the heart of the assessment and future planning.

Special School Wellbeing Action Plan PDF


Training videos are available to support practioners to complete a School Wellbeing Card assessment and the cards are designed to be used by psychologists, school staff, education, health and social care colleagues who would like to better understand a child’s experience of school/college.