EBSA Horizons for School Staff

Individual Staff Training License £189 + VAT

Whole School License £249 +VAT


EBSA Horizons is an online interactive course, in which Dr Jerricah Holder utilises video and highly engaging animations to provide an overview of psychological models essential to understanding the needs of children who find it difficult and distressing to attend school. Moving away from the language of school refusal and with increased emphasis on a more compassionate and child-centred approach, Dr Jerricah Holder shares her ‘Integrated Model of EBSA’ enabling education, health and social care colleagues to develop a greater understanding of the complex and often multi-faceted aspects of school avoidance behaviours.

This in-depth CPD course will give you everything you need to know about EBSA, from early identification and intervention, all the way through to supporting children with the most significant needs and more entrenched school non-attendance.